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Auto Accidents


When you are injured in an auto accident and it's not your fault you should seek the advice of an Attorney before you decide to speak to the insurance companies alone. Injured people sometimes believe that the circumstances of their accident are clear-cut and that insurance companies will do the right thing. Unfortunately, these beliefs usually fail to produce an equitable settlement. In fact, a recent nationwide study by the insurance industry revealed some startling facts. Injured victims who try to resolve their cases alone receive an average of $4,000.00. Those who are represented by an Attorney receive an average of $14,000. After reasonable legal fees the average injury victim can expect a substantially higher settlement. There is no charge to call and speak with us. Consultations are free and if we can help you our fee is only 25%. Not 33.33% or more that some lawyers may charge. We will never charge a client routine expenses to settle their cases such as medical records, travel, etc.


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