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Most people facing a serious civil legal problem have never before needed the help of a lawyer. If you are faced with the fear of losing your home through foreclosure or you are seriously injured in an auto accident, you are living with a crisis that can change your life. At the Law Offices of Chris Gamm, we are dedicated to providing families in crisis the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have help in their corner. Whether you are struggling to save your home or are an innocent victim of a negligent driver, you need the help of a lawyer who charges a fair fee and is committed to fighting for you. Our fee for an auto accident case is paid only when we win and is only 25% of your settlement. Chapter 13 fees can be negotiated with a small amount paid up front and balance paid through a court approved plan. We are available 7 days a week and we are happy to come to meet you anywhere. Don’t face a serious legal crisis alone. We consider it a privilege to fight for the people who need our help the most.


Homeowner's who face losing their homes by foreclosure are often unaware that chapter 13 will stop foreclosure. Other creditors must STAY, stop collection efforts and leave you alone. You submit a payment plan of 3-5 years for approval by the United States Bankruptcy Trustee approval. You can then have the peace of mind and time to reorganize debts and submit a payment plan of 3-5 years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a punishment. It is designed to protect what means the most to you while you pay ongoing living expenses such as you home, car. Even if a homeowner is many mortgage payments behind they can spread out the unpaid amount over 3 to 5 years.

Chap 13 is a SAFE HARBOR

A qualified Attorney can help can help you immediately by filing what is known as an Emergency Chapter 13 Petition with the United States Bankruptcy Court. . Creditors must LEAVE YOU ALONE while you prepare a Payment Plan. Often unsecured creditors like credit cards will go unpaid and you can have a fair chance to SAVE YOUR HOME. Chapter 13 payment plans are not unchangeable. If you miss a payment or you have a change in income you can ask the court to amend or modify you payment plan. Chapter 13 Legal fees and Court costs can be paid partially up front and the balance can be paid through the payment Chapter13 plan.

Chapter 13 Legal fees and Court costs

can be paid partially up front and the balance can be paid through the payment Chapter13 plan.

Auto Accidents

When you are injured in an auto accident and it's not your fault you should seek the advice of an Attorney before you decide to speak to the insurance companies alone. Injured people sometimes believe that the circumstances of their accident are clear cut and that insurance companies will do the right thing. Unfortunately, these beliefs usually fail to produce an equitable settlement. In fact, a recent nationwide study by the insurance industry revealed some startling facts. Injured victims who try to resolve their cases alone receive an average of $4,000.00. Those who are represented by an Attorney receive an average of $14,000. After reasonable legal fees the average injury victim can expect a substantially higher settlement. There is no charge to call and speak with us. Consultations are free and if we can help you our fee is only 25%. Not 33.33% or more that some lawyers may charge. We will never charge a client routine expenses to settle their cases such as medical records, travel, etc

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